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Working With Derek

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make contact and express a desire to work with me on the second edition of Compromised - I’ve now appointed an editor - more details will follow soon - but we are working on the second edition of Compromised and the plan is to release this later in the year.

But again sincere thanks to everyone who showed an interest in working with me on this project - I do appreciate you making contact with me.

Working With Derek - An Update
2012 - we’re still far...

I enjoy the close contacts that I have with my readers - when my readers take the time to make contact with me you can be sure that I’m going to respond: my readers are very important to me and I believe that if something is important to you then you need to nurture and develop the bond that you have.

When I look at Compromised in its own right again I really do appreciate it when my readers take the time to post a review of my work and I read each and every one: as I write this after almost 8 months in the Amazon eBook charts Compromised has not only been awarded an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by its readers but of these over 90% of Amazon Kindle readers have given the novel either a 4 or 5 star rating...

All that said I am a self-published author: as well as writing my novels I am the editor, marketing manager, web master and I make the tea...looking back I think that Compromised could have benefited from a final independent edit before publication, and some of my readers think this too.

It’s fair to say that I proof-read the manuscript literally dozens of times before I published it - even the the final-must-be-the-last proof read resulted in some changes to the manuscript that probably didn’t improve the overall novel itself: with hindsight I was simply too close and too emotionally attached to the manuscript...I needed an editor...

Looking forward I have decided to publish a second edition of Compromised exclusively available from Amazon: in fairness almost all of my readers downloaded my novel from Amazon so it seems sensible to focus on my readers there.

I don’t foresee the second edition being markedly different from the first in terms of the setting, characters or plot - it’s not even going to be a Director’s Cut - my vision is of an edition that is sleeker and more polished than the original.

So to cut to the chase I want to work with someone who can harness the passion that I have for my work and edit the final product into the best that it can to who this person could be I’m open-minded: it could be someone in the industry or perhaps someone just starting out who needs some editing experience - or it could be someone in Further or Higher Education who both needs and wants to take on the project that I’m offering...most importantly I’m looking for someone who is hungry for the opportunity...

In the first instance if you would like to record your interest drop me a line via my Contact Me page telling me what you have to offer and why you’d like to work with me - and we’ll take it from there.

In return I can offer the right person a full editorial credit against a novel that has surpassed all expectations and has been exposed in the Amazon Kindle charts since it’s launch on the back of over 110,000 downloads...and as for the future, who knows?

Happy New Year!

It’s been quite a year and my highlight was undoubtedly back in October when I finally published Compromised as an eBook.

I can remember a few years ago when I had finished writing Compromised but was struggling to get it published... my wife kept encouraging me to get my work out there: “Derek, it’s not shit, I’d tell you if it was shit wouldn’t I?”

Looking back over the last few months when I share with her the success that I’ve enjoyed with Compromised... hitting Number 1 in Amazon’s kindle charts... recognition in local and national newspapers... 5 star reviews... supporting Help for Heroes... messages of support from readers... she will usually smile sweetly and then remind me, “Told you it wasn’t shit!”

Compromised broke through the 50,000 download milestone on Amazon Kindle over the Christmas holidays - I am so grateful to my readers for the messages of support and for taking the time to review and recommend my work to others - I thank you all.

As we approach 2012 I can announce that work on my next novel has started and that I’ll try to keep you updated with news... as a teaser I’ll tell you that some of the characters from Compromised will be coming back... but more on this later next year.

I always enjoy New Year with my family and this year you can be sure that I will be raising a glass to my readers and I wish you a Happy New Year!

Derek, 30 December 2011

I’ve given the web site a fresher look with some new content not only about me, my work and future projects, but with the news that I’m hoping to work with some of you who have enjoyed my work: there’s a whole page dedicated to this exciting opportunity so take a look and see if you fancy taking it further...

The first few months of the year have been very busy with way too much to do and not enough time...but for me this journey remains one of fascination and privilege so there’s going to be absolutely no complaints from me!

On the back of the success of my debut novel Compromised all net royalties for 2011/2012 have now been donated to Help for Heroes along with any voluntary contributions made by my readers in lieu of downloading a free eBook copy of Compromised - I have published an open letter from my Accountant who has inspected my books and confirmed that everything is above board - you can find it here.

As a writer now is the right moment for me to call time and move on and develop my work and career as an author and with this in mind I know that many of my readers keep asking me when the next book is being published...well the goal is to get it out there before the end of the year...I really do enjoy hearing from my readers and appreciate it when you take the time to contact me: it really does make my day when a reader tells me that they have enjoyed my work so ‘thank you’ once more and I do try and respond personally to all of your messages.

Derek, 1 May 2012