Derek Keyte

It’s really important for me to tell you what I am, and probably even more important for you to understand what I am not.

I am a writer – a storyteller – a novelist: I write fiction.  The characters I have created seem very real to me but they are my creations and exist only in my mind: they are not based on real people.  As for the events that I have written about, well even though these sometimes give me goose bumps nevertheless these events are all fictitious.

I can’t really say it any clearer: Compromised is a work of fiction and is the first of a series of novels I am writing focusing on what I like to think of as the dark side of the British establishment.

What I am not?  I am not a whistleblower.  I am a man of utter integrity and if you were to ask anyone who knows me, I like to think that they would describe me as a pleasant, honest and reliable chap – and ultimately a man of his word.

It is true that for well over twenty years I was associated with the military and civilian British intelligence community.  

It is a fact that I have worked with pretty much all of the primary military and civilian intelligence outfits, and a host of other less well known intelligence and security organisations across the UK.

And this is my unique selling point: I have an edge over other writers of the genre through my unique and detailed insight into the world of British intelligence and security: the dark side.

It is also a fact that I walked away from that life over five years ago. But like I said, I’m not a whistleblower and I am never going to write anything to contravene my obligations under the Official Secrets Act. Nothing that I publish will ever cross this line – my work is based on my imagination and open source research: all of my work is fiction.

That said my background does allow me to write the genre with a sense of pure authenticity.  I like to see my approach in the same way that I perceive the great novelist John Grisham: the man practiced law for years before becoming a writer and he is able to use this professional context to write utterly authentic works of fiction against the backdrop of his knowledge of the law.

In exactly the same vein my work is augmented by a simple truth: I understand exactly how various outfits within the dark side work and I weave this context into my stories.

So now you know what I am all about – take a walk with me into the world that I’ve created that is Compromised.  I hope that you enjoy it.

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