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Compromised - the best selling Amazon Kindle eBook Compromised - The Novel

Compromised is Derek Keyte’s debut novel and has been prominent in the Amazon Kindle eBook charts since its launch in October 2011: it has been downloaded by over 110,000 readers and given an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by its readers - as one reviewer wrote in a review for Amazon Kindle, ‘This kind of ranking and interest in a debut novel is fairly unusual but very well deserved: a cracking story and very well written.’

Compromised is intended for a mature audience - it contains strong language, graphic violence and sexual content.

Compromised - The Content
Compromised - The Story

Compromised is split into three parts - the first is set in 1989 during the Irish Troubles and is relentless in its pace: it covers a time period of less than twelve hours and focuses on the events leading to and following the kidnapping of a British Special Forces soldier by IRA terrorists.

In contrast the second part of Compromised covers the next seven years - it consists of snapshots of key events affecting the principle characters, interwoven with insights into the activities of British intelligence and security agencies.

The third and final part of Compromised is set towards the end  of 1997 where, with the promise of a real prospect for peace looming across the whole of Ireland, there will be a final reckoning.

If you would like to learn more about the background to Compromised and its author Derek Keyte then click here.

Compromised - The Facts

Compromised - the best selling Amazon Kindle eBook Compromised - The Reaction

Compromised has received overwhelmingly positive critical reviews from the people who really matter to Derek - his readers. There isn’t the room to record every review but this selection of abridged comments is taken directly from reviews written by Amazon Kindle readers and can be found in full here...

‘Derek Keyte has got a problem...How can he better his debut novel. Compromised is a fantastic novel well deserved of 5*. I couldn’t put it down. A superb book.’

‘This book is utterly fantastic, gripping from page one and very hard to put down. How is this author going to top this?’

‘Keyte has crafted a modern day masterpiece in the style of Gerald Seymour with a touch of early Clancy thrown in.’

‘The clever thing about this story is that it is, at heart, an individual's story and doesn’t take sides, yet sits comfortable into the recent history of the Province. Well written, cleverly plotted and rips along at a cracking pace - we might have an exciting new kid on the thriller-writer block!’

‘A cracking page turner based on the Ulster "troubles". Set around the time of the original IRA cease fire, this book paints a vivid picture whilst being critical of both republican and loyalist belligerence. I am really looking forward to Keyte's next offering. If he can build on the promise shown here then we may well be looking at a future master.’

Compromised - The Sequel Is Coming

The sequel to Compromised is coming and Derek is planning to release his new novel soon: he has confirmed that this will be a sequel following on directly from the final confrontation witnessed at the conclusion of Compromised and will feature some familiar characters from his first novel...more news will be published exclusively on later in the year.

Compromised - The Questions

When my readers ask me questions - either in person, via the Contact Me page or by Facebook messages I try and answer as quickly as I can - some of the more common questions that I’ve been asked can be found here - but before you click away a Spoiler Alert - some of the content on this page is related to the plot of Compromised so if you haven’t read it yet, think twice before you go any further Dear Friend....

Compromised - The Second Edition

Not long after the publication of Compromised in 2011 I was surfing the web, looking at this and that, when I stumbled across a review for an up and coming band that a guitar dude I know plays with - the review was cracking and when I caught up with him I told him all about it... I was surprised when he told me that he never ever reads reviews of his band, he just wants to makes his music.

I’m quite the opposite - every time one of my readers writes a public review of my work or sends me a private message these get

my full attention: when it comes to my writing I soak up every word, be it praise, constructive comments and even the negative.

Whilst most of my readers have enjoyed my work (trust me, there aren’t many books in the Amazon Kindle top 100 charts with knocking on 200 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 rating, go take a look) there were some comments that resounded with me over the editing of my debut novel - some of my readers felt that Compromised would have benefited from a professional edit before publication...

If you want to know about my search for an editor you can read my news pages... I was thrilled to find Becky Brown who shared my vision of a second edition of Compromised that would be sleek, professional and polished... I’ll let you be the judge of what we achieved as the second edition is being made available as a free update from 8 February 2013 and Amazon will email all of my readers who own the original with a link for the free update - if you visit Amazon here you should be able to download the second edition now if you are a new reader.

Let me know what you think - either by the Contact Me pages or through a review on Amazon where you can share your thoughts with other readers - all I can really add is that Becky is a phenomenal editor who delivered and then some with her work on the second edition - if you would like to learn some more about her then please take a look here and see what she has to say for herself...

Derek, Christmas 2012