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Self Publishing Compromised - Derek’s Story

The eBook version of Compromised was published worldwide in October 2011 and whilst it was made available at a range of outlets by far the majority of downloads came from Amazon - you can find Compromised available for download by clicking on this Amazon Kindle store link.

It is fair to say that Amazon are the number one resource for eBooks...and whilst the Kindle is an amazing piece of technology you don’t necessarily need one to read Compromised.

In fact if you don’t own a Kindle you can access eBooks from the Amazon Kindle store by using applications for many other devices including Tablets, PCs and iPhones - the beauty of these applications is that they are all absolutely free.

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I want to give you an insight into my journey as a self-published author....even though my debut novel Compromised was published in 2011 to all intents and purposes I’d pretty much finished writing it by about 2003 - at the time writing for me was little more than a hobby and whilst I had some pipe-dreams about one day getting the thing published it was really something I was doing for myself.

In the years that followed I found myself being drawn back to the manuscript and I started to redraft and edit: I rewrote some of the scenes and deleted others - I even decided that I wasn’t really that happy with the ending, so that was completely the time I was finished part of me felt that I had created something quite special but the self-doubts were still there....

I had to share my manuscript with someone not only who I completely trusted but with someone who I could rely on to tell me if my work was good, mediocre or shite: I imagine most writers face this dilemma but for me the answer was the person I share my life with, my wife. You have to trust me: if she thought Compromised was shite, she would have told me - she’s one of those straight-talking people - she may not be the most diplomatic person in the world but she does say it how she sees it: she thought the manuscript was “fantastic” - her reaction after she finished reading it will always be with me.

During 2008 I decided that the time was right to get Compromised published - I dutifully followed the advice offered by The Writer’s Handbook to the letter....the response I received from Publishing Agents ranged from ignorance to ‘no thanks’....some even suggested that I buy their book on ‘How To Get Published’....on balance I prefer to be ignored rather than ripped off....

The net effect for me was that my self-doubts over the quality of my work bubbled back to the surface of my mind and whilst I never gave up I did wake up to the fact that no matter how good I felt my manuscript was, actually getting a Publishing Agent to represent me was akin to entering a debut writer’s fact I had reached a point where I felt that there was very little that I could do to improve my manuscript; and then I started to notice and then realise the potential of the Amazon Kindle and eBooks.

From one perspective I was lucky: I already had the completed manuscript so all that was left was to learn how to format the novel ready for the Kindle, design a cover and work on the marketing aspect of launching a new book… there are quite a few guides on the Internet but I found the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing guide to be very helpful - you can find it here.

It’s been a fascinating journey and given the success of my debut novel with well over 110,000 downloads and literally hundreds of messages of support and reviews from my readers I remain utterly humbled....and the journey is far from over.

Compromised is a Self Published Novel
Compromised - the best selling Amazon Kindle eBook