Derek Keyte
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When I decided to self-publish my debut novel Compromised the most important thing to me was simple: To Get Published.

All I wanted was the satisfaction of making my work available for download and I wanted to share my work as widely as possible.

At the same time I saw an opportunity to use the launch of my eBook to do some good: after some research I realised that if I published Compromised on Smashwords for free then Amazon would price-match - which in fairness they did for most of the time.

Instead of making a profit from the launch of the eBook version of Compromised I decided to use my novel to promote and support the charity Help for Heroes.

As well as asking my readers to consider a voluntary contribution to Help for Heroes I made a commitment to donate any royalties I received from the launch of my eBook - I’ve done this and my Accountant has reviewed my books and confirmed that everything is above board - you can see his letter of confirmation here.

I remain passionate about the charity and as long as they are helping the men and women who have served our country they will always have my support - but as a writer it is the right moment for me to call time and move on and develop my work and career as an author: I will always, always be very proud to have used the launch of my debut novel to support this great charity.

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